Born in El Salvador, 1978

1997-2000 Studied "Journalism" at the National University of El Salvador and moved to The United States Of America on the same year.

At the age of 6, found his greatest passion in life when for the first time witnessed with great emotion how an image came to life on a piece of paper... a semi squared piece of paper that came out of a Polaroid camera, ever since photography became part of his life. 

To me, photography involves a fine balance between documenting and telling a story, capturing and documenting the moments fluidly and Actively.

He is a freelance photographer who's specialized in "Editorial, Commercial Portraits and Commercial Wedding photography".


He is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California but also flexible to travel wherever he's needed.

can be reached via e-mail and telephone:


Tel # 1 (562) 355-2483 Text or call